1. [RVR0244] Bukkake Somerset
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  2. [RVR0243] Red Venice Apps Vol.1
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  3. [RVR0242] Nibiru vs BIQQ 1ZZ
    To the Lovers, Farewell

  4. [RVR0241] Tunnerminnerwait
    H.I.V. Hunk

  5. [RVR0240] Culling Mundanes

  6. [RVR00239] Future Boring Techniques
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  7. [RVR00238] Cereal Without Milk Are Crisps
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  8. [RVR00237] What A Waste
    H.I.V Hunk

  9. [RVR00236] Psychadeel
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  10. [RVR00235] The Car You Drive, The Women You Ride
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  11. [RVR00234] Surowe Wychowanie
    Czas Na Imprezę

  12. [RVR00233] TeleText Trance Squad
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  13. [RVR00232] Modular Morons
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  14. [RVR00231] Moogocalypse Now
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  15. [RVR00230] Rothko
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  16. [RVR00229] Faerie Miser
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  17. [RVR00228] Why Be Anything When You Are A Useless Nothing
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  18. [RVR00227] Proud Cripple Daddy

  19. [RVR00226] Removal Of The Tongue To Prevent Whining
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  20. [RVR00225] Au Rouge
    The Bare

  21. [RVR00224] A Feast For The Prince Of England
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  22. [RVR00223] Future Noise Of London #Word!
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  23. [RVR0222] Werewolf Piss
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  24. [RVR0221] Casablancan Slut
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  25. [RVR0223] Red Venice Mambo
    Youko Heidy

  26. [RVR0220] An Evolution In Drowning
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  27. [RVR219] Royal Bloodlines
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  28. [RVR0218] A Woman Is A Housewife Until Struck, Then She Is A Cvnt
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  29. [RVR0218] Fucking A Beating Heart
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  30. [RVR0217]Ashworth
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  31. [RVR0216] Various ‎– Art & Club Edition 2

  32. [RVR2015] Broadmoor
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  33. [RVR0214] A.I.D's In Africa
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  34. [RVR0213] The Lost Audition Tape

  35. [RVR0212] Dude.
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  36. [RVR0211] Love As An Interest
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  37. [RVR0188] Boy In A Suitcase

  38. [RVR0194] If She Does Not Listen, Tell Her Again

  39. [RVR0210] To The Lovers Farewell, She Said
    To The Lovers Farewell

  40. [RVR0209] Ataduras

  41. [RVR208] Harshcore Demo EP

  42. [RVR0207] Koresh As Deity
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  43. [RVR0206] Slice Up Not Across
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  44. [RVR0205] A Book On The Beauty Of Assault
    To The Lover's Farewell

  45. [RVR0204] Lines Of Demarcation In A Scene
    Ashley Blues/To The Lovers, Farewell

  46. [RVR0203] Songs For Grandpa
    David Koresh

  47. [RVR0202] ElectroTribalistic Pornotorium

  48. [RVR0201] Rot
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  49. [RVR0200] Red Venice Records 200th Release Compilation

  50. [RVR0199] Until Every Cage Is Empty
    Incriminating Evidence

  51. [RVR0198]Troedyrhiw Acid
    Life Is Easy

  52. [RVR0197] Pills
    Southern 1779

  53. [RVR0196] ACTIVISM: I Will Refuse Your Pity, Accept Your Praise With Suspicion And Commit Myself to Silence
    Alison East

  54. [RVR0195] Abuser
    Concrete Hakenkreuz

  55. [RVR0194] Sleek Engine

  56. [RVR0193] Just Like Him
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  57. [RVR192] The Black Dance

  58. [RVR0191] Asshole/To The Lovers, Farewell Split
    Asshole/To The Lovers, Farewell

  59. [RVR190] 3 Way Split
    Noise Nazi/Phantasm Nocturnes/Exiting Blue

  60. [RVR0189] Parisian Human Toilet
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  61. [RVR0188] Cassette One
    Exiting Blue

  62. [RVR0187] Pitch
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  63. [RVR186] A Fist Followed By A Question
    Perfect Rape

  64. [RVR0185] Genre X Genre 6 - Weather Station, Heolgerrig Mountain, 27.02.2014, 3-30pm
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  65. [RVR0184] Domination

  66. [RVR0183] Brutal Electronics, Forces Of Evil

  67. [RVR0182] Murderbilia

  68. [RVR0181] BattleGround Issues

  69. [RVR0179] If the brain were so simple we could understand it, we would be so simple we couldn't (for Kate Bornstein)
    Alison East

  70. [RVR0178] 528hz GenderShift Expansion Pack
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  71. [RVR0177] A Lecture on the Limits of Human Knowledge (for Sandy Stone)
    Alison East

  72. [RVR0176] Beauty always promises, but never gives anything
    Alison East

  73. [RVR0175] Transitionality
    Transistion Hierarchy

  74. [RVR0174] Brutal Pageantry

  75. [RVR0173] Red Venice Muzak Compilation

  76. [RVR0172] Non-Civilisation
    Yuuko Haii

  77. [RVR0171] Portrait Of A Being
    Jim Lemons

  78. [RVR0168] Utopia

  79. [RVR0169] Smooth Stomach
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  80. [RVR0172] Albert Pike
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  81. [RVR0160] Diana And The Mixed Race Prince
    H.I.V. Hunk

  82. [RVR0162] Lynched

  83. [RVR0161] Mi Abortion Casa Es Su Abortion Casa
    Grand Theft Aborto

  84. [RVR0163] HateBit Message To London 'You Deserved The IRA, You Deserve Fundamental Muslims, Good Luck Getting The Artfags To Defend You'
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  85. [RVR0166] Birth Of A Nation

  86. [RVR0155] Kingmakers Reality

  87. [RVR0154] The Changing Face of Fascism in 20th Century European Culture
    Digitally + Fuct

  88. [RVR0156] Torturing Nurse Live DVD
    Torturing Nurse

  89. [RVR0158] Genre X Genre 3 - 3/10/2013 - Buffalo Bar Cardiff

  90. [RVR0159] SludgeLust

  91. [RVR0150] Complex Of Disturbed Frequencies
    God Pussy/Xtematic

  92. [RVR0151] The Affluent Beating

  93. [RVR0152] Genre X Genre 2 - The Full Moon - 06.09.2013

  94. [RVR0153] Enchanting Style
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  95. Raven/To The Lovers, Farewell
    Raven/To The Lovers, Farewell

  96. [RVR0145] Pen Pwll

  97. Noise For Bitches
    Cum Book

  98. [RVR0148] So Happy How This All Turned Out
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  99. [RVR0149] Construct

  100. [RVR0140] DemonicStep

  101. [RVR0141] Æc▲demi▲
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  102. [RVR0142] Wi†h M¥ L∆s† ∆p∆†he†ic Bre∆†h
    ∆†hr33gho5† ∆

  103. [RVR0143] Recordings 1995-2009 Part One
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  104. [RVR0144] ∆βΩm▐nΩ▐d

  105. [RVR0164] Bass In Your Face London Spilt Cassette

  106. [RVR0138] The Usage Of Mary
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  107. [RVR0135] BlackWealth Miser
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  108. [RVR0136] This Is Mathcore Vol 2
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  109. [RVR0137] Affluent Linguist
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  110. [RVR0133] A Tribute? Or Peception Of? Or Cover Of? Amy Winehouse
    Various Artists

  111. [RVR0127] The Worm In Your Eye Is The Image You Can't Unsee, Perhaps Forming A Petition Is Highest Priority Over Actually Doing Something
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  112. [RVR0128] Live At Amplified Resonance
    Ascend Silver Poison/To The Lovers, Farewell/James Wise

  113. [RVR0139] This Is For You My Love
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  114. [RVR0131] Africa's Corrective Rape Policy Leaves Women In Pieces
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  115. [RVR0165] Quiescence
    Shooting Birds Out The Sky

  116. Live At The Full Moon Club Cardiff
    Ascend Silver Poison/To The Lovers, Farewell

  117. [RVR0130] This Is Mathcore Vol 1
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  118. [RVR0126] The Riders EP
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  119. C10 Series Cassette One
    AxVx/To The Lovers, Farewell

  120. Li(f)e

  121. [RVR0170] Saxual Intercourse

  122. Ancient Origins Of Science
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  123. Grains
    Blames Jake

  124. Split 2008
    Torturing Nurse/Metek

  125. Live @ Wagon and Horses
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  126. Uwlx
    Arve Barsnes

  127. The Traitors
    Yura Volkov

  128. Penance

  129. Vorspiel

  130. Natto Soda Biscuit

  131. 4C
    Infected Signal

  132. Personal Stance And Known Perception

  133. Overt.Crossover();

  134. Und sie kamen zu vernichten was sie nicht verstanden
    Der Domestizierte Mensch

  135. Neurosis

  136. The Well Read Man, Stacking Shelves With Proud Persistance
    Girlfriends Of Inadequate Males

  137. Rough Sax

  138. Phinesse
    Girlfriends Of Inadequate Males

  139. Kinder By The Day
    Geometry, Grosse, Expence

  140. Residue
    James Wise

  141. Harsh Sax

  142. Open Elevators
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  143. Beauty Beat
    H.I.V Hunk


  145. Persians In The Throne Room
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  146. Black Star Rising

  147. Live @ Brighton Noise Festival, Cowley Club, 22-FEB-2013
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  148. Xtematic/Sleep Column Split
    Xtematic/Sleep Column

  149. The Judgement

  150. Snow Of The Gamma Core
    Girlfriends Of Inadequate Males

  151. The Peak Of Nothingness
    Sori and Ana Venus

  152. Wall Riders Need Love Too
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  153. Welcome Back 2 Cesspool
    Phantasm Nocturnes

  154. Nuclear Love

  155. Live at NOISE to SIGNAL 0.09: +N2G
    After Doom


  157. Meditation Upon Spheres of Death EP/Vomiting Bile Upon Your Putrid Corpse EP
    Oration Of Ruin

  158. Ray Temple + Sin:Ned + Torturing Nurse - Live in Japan
    Ray Temple + Sin:Ned + Torturing Nurse

  159. Collaboration
    Lackthrow/Ginger Cortes

  160. The Well Of Loneliness
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  161. Paraclete

  162. Monophasic Slack EP
    H.I.V Hunk

  163. Ian Watkins? Until The 31st.
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  164. Stand-Bi Shooters

  165. Whimless

  166. Bad 'e' Chill Out Anthems Vol.1
    Red Venice

  167. Of Blue Saviour Day Rationale
    Red Venice

  168. We Only Are What The Situation Requires Of Us
    To The Lovers, Farewell/Distorted Souls Within A Corrupt Vision

  169. The Weekend Constraint
    Girlfriends Of Inadequate Males

  170. All Over Your Face
    To The Lovers, Farewell/Gun Zop

  171. Harshcore Blush
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  172. Men Have Feelings Too
    To The Lovers, Farewell/Unhuman Split

  173. Li Jianhong + Ana Venus - Bleeding Universe
    Li Jianhong + Ana Venus

  174. The Lost Quivers
    Robert Ridley-Shackleton

  175. House Of The Pestilent

  176. Torturing Nurse - Slave
    Torturing Nurse

  177. Paramorphosis
    Infected Signal

  178. Seeds of Discontent
    Cattle Mutilation

  179. Music For Retarded Generation

  180. Lost Astronaut
    Noise Research Institute

  181. Dissonant Void of Spiritual Mysticism
    Oration of Ruin

  182. Crawlspace Habituate

  183. Hirsuite Gentile
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  184. Landmark Sex
    Objectum Sexual

  185. Inanimate Arkanum

  186. Rubber Minds Crop
    Acte De Vandalisme

  187. We Live Pranga

  188. WakeGaze

  189. Goiar

  190. Scales Of The Carcass

  191. Bust Fag, Bursting Seam
    Bust Fag, Bursting Seam

  192. Conscription
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  193. Russian 04.02.12 Wall

  194. BackStreet Party
    H.I.V. Hunk

  195. Frigates Of Rome
    Girlfriends Of Inadequate Males

  196. Unhappy Yet?
    Remove The Child From Her

  197. Parisian Rodents
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  198. Crypt Of The Sea
    Crypt Of The Sea

  199. Prick Splits

  200. Rest

  201. Borderline Commitment Document
    Rougher Trader

  202. Cocaine Titties
    TransAtlantic Coke Mule

  203. Ultimate Nullifier EP
    Consciousness Prism

  204. InterBreeder
    Rose Heyworth

  205. sugoi! sugoi! kimochi! hip smash MIND CONTROL!
    Yokozuna Bot

  206. Insects
    Rose Heyworth

  207. Beowulf
    Sir Sharik VS Oputan Devyatyu Okovami

    Cunt Scrape Phantasm

  209. Dieting Attributes
    H.I.V. Hunk

  210. Cannabism

  211. Discipline and Punish
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  212. Sheath Up Even For Friends
    Rentboy Depth Charge

  213. Sigil
    Rose Heyworth

  214. Shes Worth It

  215. Mutilated By Rebels
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  216. We Are Selfish Because We Are One
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  217. Cauterize The Risk
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  218. M.F.C. (_YG_, C.O.F.)
    M.F.C. (_YG_, C.O.F.)

  219. Celestial Suck
    H.I.V. Hunk

  220. Nous
    Octarine Hexmegistus

  221. Lost Appeal/Orange Annhilator Split
    Lost Appeal/Orange Annhilator

  222. ThroatSoothe
    To The Lovers, Farewell

  223. [RVR0146] Genre X Genre (Gwdihw/Cardiff/14.08.2013)
    Various Artists


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