C10 Series Cassette One

by AxVx/To The Lovers, Farewell

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I basically have a small box of C10's to get rid of and what better way than to do a load of splits with other artists. I very rarely do any splits and alway like to concentrate on long drawn out pieces, but in this case, it felt very much like punk outbursts. My track was recorded in about 10 minutes, all lyrics improv. My head must be clear because it just flowed, all about broken hearts.......sappy I know. The Muzak was very close to speedcore, I used a lot of gabbaesque bass drums.


released May 1, 2013



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Red Venice records UK

Red Venice Records specialised in creating ltd edition runs of CD-R/Cassette albums in alternate deluxe packaging. This was before how dead physical releases are becoming. People are really only interested in streaming or downloads. Releases of NOISE/HNW/POWER ELECTRONICS/Minimal are commonplace. ... more

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