Harsh Sax

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Winding down the extremely noisy albums, I had the track Harsh Sax left over from 'To The Lovers' Farewell', but it really really didnt fit. Have placed it nicely into Hearts Tramp. Name has no meaning but I am really enjoying learning the sax so, whatever. Title track 'Harsh Sax' was recording in one sitting in my study, various harsh parts were resampled and played over and over again. I used a technique I have never heard before, please show me the saxophonist who has, basically I chatter my teeth on the reed and it makes that insane high pitched scrape. Without a doubt the harshest track on the album and basically what harsh sax should be all about. Rightfield Major, recorded in one sitting, is fairly tame due the fact I am getting marginally better at the instrument and there are hints of a tune there. You may be able to hear my son coming in and asking can he go on the Xbox at some point. 'Blatant Saxism' was my second or third attempt and is just generally noisy. From the latter track I was advised not to get any better at the sax because they enjoyed that one so much.


released March 16, 2013



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