[RVR0131] Africa's Corrective Rape Policy Leaves Women In Pieces

by To The Lovers, Farewell

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As the sun was out I decided to attempt a recording of sunlight itself, due to the news article I had been reading, 20 minutes of recording took place, the unwanted frequencies removed and all that remained was this small stretch of sound. Whether it is sunlight or not remains unknown.

The image and the title relate to the corrective rapes that occur in Africa and not in any other country? As a means of “curing” the woman of her sexual orientation. Notably the African Millicent Gaika. whose attacker repeated “I know you are a lesbian. You are not a man. You think you are, but I am going to show you are a woman.”

The point of the piece is the nature of capturing sunlight, capturing an image, as in Millicent Gaika's case the image is with her forever. In her own words she hates herself. The concept of 'curing' a person of sexual orientation also leads me onto another train of thought, in the subtleties of that same thinking within a society as a whole, presented as a frown or a well paraphrased comment. Its an album for another day.


released June 9, 2013



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