[RVR0151] The Affluent Beating

by YuppieCuntGuts



This is my new Witch House project, although its pretty stripped back to the minimal parts thats what it is. Low tempo and depression.

'Live Month To Month' reflects on my current situation. I have the house, the car, the overhead bills, the various communication devices bill, the overpriced food bill and the way in which I am unable to save any money, for a rainy old day. That day being my last day of work, which will now be around 77 by the time the mortgage is paid for. We are stretched so far by credit, a believable cause, free money on tap. Some pig somewhere licks at the trough. I am well entrenched in a system I have no real interest in.

'Same Consumer Body', we just consume and consume and this isn't a track that says ohhhhh! the worlds resources. I want to take that as introspection in that consuming is a hugely important role in your life that you are nothing but an advert, same consumer body, no spirit, or soul, just a consciousness made up of televisions experiences.

Oh so deep! I saw it on television once. Just reiterating to appear deep.


released September 9, 2013



all rights reserved


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