[RVR0203] Songs For Grandpa

by David Koresh

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One of the great overlooked aspects of The Branch Davidians leader, David Koresh, was how skilled he was in playing the guitar. The Waco siege and tragedy is a fairly well documented event, that now placed into context, can surely be seen in the Branch Davidians favour.

I procured most of these tracks from youtube and various parts of the internet in an attempt to recreate the David Korest album 'Songs For Grandpa'. I was not able to find the track listing so have had to bring together the tracks in a way I thought gave it a little justice.

I had originally set out to remaster the tracks and give them a real sheen. I then felt this would take away from the original production design. Some tracks only exist in the left stereo, some tracks have lengths of tape hiss until the music plays, some tracks are so badly recorded that the words are inaudible.

In the later part of the WACO siege the ATF officers had intended to deprive the Davidians of sleep by pumping music into the compound. David Koresh returned the favour by setting up one of his Marshall amps and going into a guitar solo at the ATF agents.


released August 29, 2014



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