Welcome Back 2 Cesspool

by Phantasm Nocturnes



My bio - PHANTASM NOCTURNES is a U.S. female dark experimental artist. The main genres that she employs are dark ambient, drone, noise, and industrial. Phantasm Nocturnes is influenced by horror movies, books, serial killers and other musical artists with dark themes. The first track from WELCOME BACK 2 THE CESSPOOL - Cesspool - Extreme Remix is a noisier and more nasty sounding version of the original which was released originally on my MARK OF THE DEVIL EP through NoN PROFiTT. The idea behind the Cesspool track was to make something were the listener could visualize total nasty muck and filth...LOL. The track Projectile Emesis is about the horrors of bulimia, and the disturbed thinking patterns that go with the disease. Unholy Deflowering includes samples from one of my favorite t.v. shows American Horror Story - Asylum. Sometimes being blasphemous is just so tempting and fun! The track 666 is about "Satanic Panic" which was in the 80's and 90's how people blamed many killings and disappearances on satanic cults. Tripping the Vortex is a one shot noise track I did with my baby box and Palindrome pedals, the baby box does an excellent job of producing weird sci-fi sounds which is why I gave it the title Tripping the Vortex. Smart Ass Toys was done with my circuit bent Speak and Spell I remember going to a neighbor's house who had one when I was a kid and one of the first things I did was start spelling out swear words with it...LOL, It has a great loop function on it which is great for producing noise, so the track is a combination of the 2 functions and my Kaoss Pad Quad was used for reverb. For this album I used - fl studio, VST-Omnisphere, Korg Kaoss Quad Pad, baby box and Palindrome pedals and a circuit bent speak and spell.




released January 19, 2013



all rights reserved


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